Glow Tan and Spa has been offering spray tans since 2007. The owner and Staff have been trained to and offer a flawless, even application for stunning results. Since then, we’ve continued to refine our process, offering new technology, techniques and formulas.

Our highly trained and certified technicians offer a custom-blended, hand-airbrushed look for a stunning, natural glow. Our all-natural spray formulas contain only the best skincare and are hypoallergenic and free of fragrances, alcohols, oils and parabens. We currently offer two unique formulas, including our exclusive Express solution that allows you to shower in 3 hours or less or 8-12 hour formula.


Glow Tan’s staff of highly trained experts will ensure that your airbrushed spray tan looks great and lasts as long as possible. Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your spray tan before and after your visit with us.

The Night Before Your Visit

Shower, shave and exfoliate your skin. On the day of your tan, be sure not to wear any lotions, deodorants, make up or perfumes. De-fluffing - Yes ladies/gents, its imperative to engage in hair removal 12-48 hours before your tan NOT ON THE DAY. This time allows pores to close properly and stop that tell-tale dotting that can appear after your tan and ensure your tan looks smooth and gorgeous - if shaving, this can be done the day before. If waxing, this needs to be done, ideally, 48 hours prior to your tan.

Exfoliation - Indulge in full-body exfoliation to remove  lingering dead skin build-up. Make sure you pay particular attention to your hands, feet, elbows and knees,  this will ensure your tan looks smooth, even, radiant and lasts longer. We recommend you avoid using an oil based exfoliator.

The Day Of Your Visit

Dress for the weather and bring a change of dark, loose clothing. Please note that your clothing may pick up some of the spray but it will not stain and easily washes out. Clients have the opportunity to choose garment wear for the spray as they desire. Popular items to be sprayed in include but are not limited to are bikini/swimming suit, under garments or nude for female clientele.

3 to 8 Hours After Your Visit

Your Glow Tan tanning tech will let you know when you can take a quick light shower, but it’s important that you do not use soaps or scrubs. It’s normal to notice a fair amount of spray tan washing off in the shower. Be sure to gently pat yourself dry after and avoid exfoliating.

For the Life of Your Spray Tan

Apply our professional tan extenders on a daily basis to lock in your tan. Speak with our Smart Tan® certified staff to find the right moisturizer for your needs. Your tan will take at least 8 hours to fully develop, so please avoid:

1. Working up a sweat during this time

2. Coming into contact with rain / water  (use wipes to wash hands)

3. AVOID TOUCHING YOUR SKIN during the development time as this will stain your hand and cannot be easily removed.  The color you will see directly after the application of your Spray Tan is only a guide color & NOT the finished color. This guide color will gradually get darker over the development time, this is quite normal and please don't panic !!

When you have your first shower, either after the full 8 hours or in the morning if you have slept with the guide color on, you will see the guide color running off your skin and will only then reveal the true Color of you tan. 

Faux Glow cocktail: Includes time in our stand-up UV tanning bed afterwards

Lasts 7-10 days with proper care

 – Wait 8-12 hours to Shower


Keep it long lasting...

To keep your tan looking gorgeous you will need to:

1. Avoid long hot baths and showers

2.After a shower always pat your skin dry with towel do not rub

3. Moisturize daily, this will prolong your tan & keep it looking nice & fresh  

4. After about the 4th day & then every other day after, very gently exfoliate your skin 

this will help to even out the tan again & ensure even fading