At Glow Tan & Spa we offer more than just tanning beds, we offer a complete luxury experience featuring incredible ambiance and top tier treatment from our friendly staff. Relax and enjoy a rejuvenating tanning session that will have you looking and feeling great.

We offer four levels of beds, plus the flexibility to choose the tanning option that works best for you. That means that you can start at Level 4, even if you’ve never tanned before. Your Glow Tan & Spa tanning tech will be happy to help you choose a bed that meets your personal needs and tanning goals.


Gold/15 or 20 minute beds

These beds comes with 32 x 120W with and without 3/400 watt facials. It has the Reflector Technology so it will give you a much even tan.


Platinum/15 Minute bed & 9 Minute Stand-up

Super Sundash 240 is equipped with (40) High Performance lamps. This bed has (20) 160-170 watt lamps in the canopy, while maintaining (20) 120 watt lamps in the lounge.

The unique sun surround design enhances UV exposure while delivering one of the most comfortable tanning environments. The distinctive shape dramatically increases the usable tanning surface which allows for more even coverage along your sides and underarm


Diamond/12 min bed & 9 Min Stand-up

The Advantage 400 ensures the highest tanning results with a perfect combination of 3/400 Watt  high-pressure facials, 40 160 watt Turbo Power tanning lamps. In addition, it features a relaxing Bodyform Plus base acrylic with integrated headrest. 


Our Smart Tan® certified staff work with you to ensure you get the best look and experience. Here are a few other things we recommend before, during and after your visit with us.

Start 6 Weeks Before a Trip

This will require an average of 3 sessions per week, but will allow you to build up a proper base tan before you leave for vacation

Use Indoor Tanning Lotion

We offer a range of salon-calibre lotions to help your tan look better and last longer

Use a Tan Extender

Our professional tan extender lotions nourish and moisturize your skin to help extend the life of your tan